New feature: Delete your map

We’ve been receiving many requests for map deletion. So we’ve made it possible for all users to delete their own map.
There are two conditions to do so:  

  1. You need to be a map owner to delete it
  2. If there is any content added by other users (places, photos…), you will need to contact us to delete the map

You can find the Delete map option under Settings > Advanced.


New feature: Hidden attribute (AdminPRO only)

This feature is useful if you need to keep some data about the added places for internal use. For example an internal note with sensitive details about a place that you don’t want to be seen by other map users.
It can also be used to let your map users fill a “private” note for you that will stay paired to the place and will not be visible to any other map users (only map admins).
This feature is only available within the AdminPRO add-on


New feature: Places added by users (AdminPRO only)

Thanks to this new feature, you can get an idea how many places are your map users adding and how often. Download a list of places added by individual users in CSV format and use it to make any statistics you need. Motivate users of your map to add more places. Columns “Added places overall” and “Added places last 30 days” will provide you helpful data for such events.
This feature is only available within the AdminPRO add-on.



Visualisation of sensoric data with value history

For custom projects, Mapotic can now display visualised sensoric data with history and generated graphs – whether it is temperature, humidity or any other value that changes in time. We will be improving this feature in the near future.


We’ve have fixed a couple of bugs:

Improved deleting of posts
Map owners can now delete inappropriate comments straight from the Activity feed and place detail pages. Users (non-admins) can delete comments that they posted to other’s maps.

Other minor bug fixes


Mobile app: New list view

In December 2019 we launched a new travel app Tipy na víkend (see in App store or Google Play). The client was requesting a nice browsing experience of the listings. So we developed a new list view with large image previews that’s available alongside the classic map view.

Mobile app: Report inappropriate content

Users of our mobile apps can now easily report inappropriate content (comments, photos) to the map admin. You can do so by tapping three grey dots next to a post or by pressing and holding a comment.

Mobile app: New welcome screen

Another app we’ve been developing lately is OCEARCH Shark Tracker (see in App store or Google Play). The client was asking for a way to get more sign ups to the app. So we added a nice initial sign up screen with options to sign up via email or Facebook.
The app became popular right away and has gained over 35,000 users since the launch in December.
As a one of the features of the new OCEARCH shark tracking app we have implemented a new welcome screen in order to achieve more sign ups:


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