Data Machine

Save your management and IT resources via location data automation

Data channel aggregation

Connect your location data from one or multiple data sources

Add non-location content

Processed data can be easily linked to non-spatial information

Low-code approach

Use a few lines of code to set data processing rules. Or, let us do it for you

Quick delivery & scaling

You can start processing your data today and scale it as you go

Save resources with automated geospatial data processing

Connect and aggregate location data from any database, API, or provider. Set periodic tasks and data processing rules that match your project needs and aggregate multiple data sources into unified visualizations. Mapotic works with all standardized data structures, such as JSON, XML, CSV, and more.

Leverage external datasets and build unique visualizations

Tracking and location datasets can be easily connected to external data streams and open datasets. You can link your location data with related information, such as environmental conditions and sensor data. Or, plug in freely available data content provided by the state government, NGOs, volunteers, and thousands of sources available online by open source or crowdsourcing projects.

Add value-extending geospatial data with rich content

Change location data to useful information and provide your end users and decision makers with the big picture, a detailed data breakdown, or with non-geospatial content. Our back office has an easy-to-use CMS that enables you to link to location or movement data with additional rich content and meta information. It can be anything from scientific field notes, to partner datasets, or to photos and videos.

Integrate with your mobile app, or let us create one for you

After your data processing is set up, you can fully dedicate your attention to visualizations and build location data-driven outputs for your target audience. Any piece of information can be easily visualized in your existing website or mobile application. Or, build one from scratch with one of our products.

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Case studies

Get inspired by organizations that already use our Data Machine

OCEARCH Shark Tracker

OCEARCH operates the world’s largest system for real-time tracking and visualization of sharks and other marine animals.


Fahlo increases their sales and supports non-profits through interactive animal tracking


Save time and resources and reduce your ongoing costs

Move fast with ready-made tracking apps

Get things done in a matter of hours (small projects) or weeks (extensive projects)

Combine external telemetry data sources

Extend your content with external data sources open dagital

Build and visualise rich content

Combine geolocation and animal tracking data with non-geolocation information

Structured data layers with smart filters

Group objects and adjust map outputs to your structure advanced filters

API and branded mobile apps

Your dynamic wildlife tracking data can be used for your own standalone pre-built mobile app.

Scale and pay as you grow

Start on lower levels and pay for what you really use.

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