Live Data Maps

Turn your telemetry, GPS, and movement data into stunning live map visualizations

Geospatial data automation

Connect your gps data, source location data, and build live data map visualizations

Customizable visuals and structure

Customize your data structure and adjust the design to match your branding.

Embedding & integration ready

Leverage pre-made apps to build new dynamic data map projects, or embed maps into preexisting solutions.

Rapid time to market

Our off-the-shelf solutions can be quickly and easily configured, and put into operation by integrating with a web or mobile application.

Remove the manual work and automate your location data processing

Connect to any API and receive data from various GPS location tracking systems and universal tools, such as Google Sheets (see our Google Sheets integration). Make your telemetry or movement data processing work for you by aggregating multiple data sources into one output. Utilize open data sets, IoT platforms, and global telemetry data providers.

Match your content structure and branding to display great telemetry data visualizations

Adjust data layers, categories, icons, and detailed custom fields or attributes to match your needs. Leverage pre-built smart filters and easily customize the app’s look & feel. Add your branding and partner/sponsor logos.

Easily embed live telemetry data visualizations in your site, or on a custom domain

Integrate an interactive map into your website or any browser-based app. Use configuration parameters to adjust outputs, such as content filtering, zoom levels, map layers, and more. Run as an embedded app or as a standalone project on a custom domain.

Integrate with your mobile app, or let us create a custom tracking app for you

GPS or movement data visualizations can be integrated in an existing mobile app via API. In addition, we can create and launch your own branded mobile app for Android and iOS. Read more at Mobile Apps.

Not sure how to start?

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Create stunning live map visualizations with various base map providers

Provide information in context and present your location data with different map layers, including currents, wind, and sea floor details.

Case studies

Get inspired by organizations that have already built movement data apps

OCEARCH Shark Tracker

OCEARCH operates the world’s largest system for real-time tracking and visualization of sharks and other marine animals.


Fahlo increases their sales and supports non-profits through interactive animal tracking

Mapotic's approach

Save time and resources to reduce your ongoing tracking costs​

Move fast with ready-made tracking apps

Get things done in a matter of hours (small projects) or weeks (extensive projects)

Combine external telemetry data sources

Extend your content with external data sources open digital

Build and visualize rich content

Combine geolocation and animal tracking data with non-geolocation information

Structured data layers with smart filters

Group objects and adjust map outputs to your structure with advanced filters

API and branded mobile apps

Your dynamic wildlife tracking data can be used for your own standalone pre-built mobile app.

Scale and pay as you grow

Start on lower levels and pay for what you really use.

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