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Save time & resources spent on building user-friendly map projects and applications.

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The cloud platform that empowers Individuals and businesses to create outstanding map-based projects.

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Automate your telemetry, GPS, and wildlife data and build stunning interactive map visualizations.

Build Better Maps, Faster

Find a perfect balance of simplicity and complex features in custom interactive map building

Map Builder simplifies the creation of interactive, content-rich custom maps. It offers wide adaptability, collaboration and crowdsourcing, rich and interactive content, and a forever-free basic version.

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From intake to integrations with existing systems, Mapotic was built for the cloud as an extensible, open platform.

Sales and marketing

Sales & Marketing

Utilize maps and location-based apps for impactful marketing, harnessing spatial data’s potential.


Bridging people with shared missions through collaborative and community-centered interactions

Community Maps

Bridge people with shared missions through collaborative and community centered interactions

Civic & Government

Improve quality of life in public spaces through smart city development and active citizen feedback

Social Impact & ESG

Build social impact projects to connect those in need with helpful resources, meaningful aid & community support.

Environment & Sustainability

Drive environmental projects with our technology, merging data visualization and technology to balance human and nature interactions.

Wildlife Tracking

Support wildlife exploration and protection by providing wildlife tracking systems and tracker apps

Travel & Tourism

Develop web or mobile tourism apps with updated, relevant datasets that inspire and offer unique experiences.

Let your geodata shine

There's gold in geospatial data, and we'll help you get it out

Mapotic custom Map builder was designed to minimize the time and resources your organization spends adopting geodata solutions or map making.

Simplified, yet flexible.

From intake to integrations with your existing systems, Mapotic was built for the cloud as an extensible, open platform.

Work with your own data structure

Freely customize your data set structures, data point attributes, categorization, and more.

Build upon ready-made apps

Use our ready-made mobile app, live tracking embed, and white-labeled websites to quickly bring your visions to life.

Aggregate any data source

Import data from data silos, files, Google Sheets, and tools cloud-based platforms telemetry or IoT systems.

Integrate with ease

Easily connect your data outputs via API to whatever you need – mobile app, web, or internal system.

Acquire unique datasets

From open data sources, external partners, scraping services, or from the Mapotic data store.

Engage your target users

Our map solutions are built with users in mind - be it user accounts or conversions.

Powering map apps with +1M users a month

Mapotic simplifies working with location data and allows you to create applications that your users will love.

Rich Content


Flexible Layers


Easy Import


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