Civic & Government

Improve quality of life in public spaces through smart city development and active citizen feedback

Use map visualizations to create smart city maps and support bold projects

GIS data and IoT can be combined into interactive visualizations with Mapotic, making it easier to promote plans and present statistics clearly

Mapotic can be used to link different geographic and non-geographic data into interactive urban planning maps and remote sensing map outputs. You can easily automate the flow of IoT data by using maps to visualize up-to-date information in an attractive and easy-to-understand format. Decision makers will get better insights and evidence. Citizens will get a better understanding of what’s happening in the area, the impact of ongoing projects, and future challenges.

View urban planning data inside or outside the city

Connect existing location data from the environment, from environmental monitoring to smart city projects

Local governments can visualize their plans on maps and plan changes in their area, whether that be infrastructure improvements, city services, or environmental measures. The maps can be used to easily visualize planned projects, monitor traffic, display cyclists and pedestrians, or present the impact of measures that are already in place.

Highlight important services in your region

Give people an up-to-date overview of services in their area to encourage crowdsourced mapping

With Mapotic’s free online map builder, you can combine data from different existing databases into one easy-to-understand visualization that provides residents with up-to-date information. Users will easily navigate the map thanks to flexible categorization and filtering. You can easily make the data available to third parties, or embed it on a municipal digital noticeboard. Additionally, you can enable people to participate in the content, manage their own entries, suggest changes, etc.

Attract tourists and
delight the locals

Combine location data, points of interest with photos, and allow users to filter through the information

Make your data useful for scientists

Create community destination guides on the web, or on a mobile app

Offer rich, comprehensive information with a clear visualization for both visitors and permanent residents

You can also use Mapotic as a thematic guide to your destination, combining place recommendations with the promotion of local services, tourist attractions, and current events. It’s not just about pins on a map – rich content including photos, videos, and any meta information can be entered into maps.

Platform benefits

What choosing Mapotic brings you


No GIS knowledge or data expertise required to build amazing apps or create free custom maps

User engagement

Unlike existing mapping platforms, Mapotic focuses on end user target audience

Data aggregation

Merging various data sources into one attractive and easy-to-understand output


Built with integration and synchronization to existing systems and products in mind

Unique content

Mapotic can offer hundreds of thousands of location data points

Mobile apps

Besides web outputs, clients can easily build their own branded maps mobile app

Get Inspired

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