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Why Mapotic

Mapotic simplifies working with location data and allows you to create applications that your users will love

We believe that there is a huge untapped potential in location data that can help grow businesses, organizations, and society. We enjoy uncovering that potential, which is why we put online tools in the hands of organizations to help bring great projects into the world.

Location data

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More than Maps

Smart maps on the web, mobile apps, a powerful platform, and an easy-to-use back office. Mapotic can be used in many ways, such as:

Engaging your audience

In addition to visualizations, you can enable people to contribute and interact with content. By engaging people, you can crowdsource new data, allow people to create their own lists, and use your app not just passively, but as an interactive tool.

Expanding your fundraising

Showing your unique data up close motivates your donors and sponsors to contribute more. Open up new fundraising opportunities with a mobile or web app that supports conversion events, donation features, smart sponsorship, and linking to your CRM.

Optimizing your costs

Decrease costs associated with running your application by leveraging open-source map data and lower the cost of third-party server processing services.

Increasing your impact

Present data that engages partners to expand awareness and impact the masses. In addition to the usual mapping features, we’ve added many tools to Mapotic that are tailored for communities and people collaborating on a specific topic.

Leveraging new possibilities for public education

Visualize data in an interactive and unique way. We know how to display scientific data with ease. That’s why there’s no time to put off projects that will help research and increase public interest.

Turning location-based content into a new acquisition channel

Use maps as a magnet for users and offer people what they naturally seek. Engage your audience with user-friendly, content-rich solutions. Implement your ideas in a matter of days.

Increasing sales of your services

Inspire the public, excite customers, and promote products in a natural way. Display related information on maps, whether it’s sales locations, or service promotions related to the location.

Drawing like-minded people into your vision

We created Mapotic so that people can collaborate on maps and not only view them, but also co-create them. There’s a good chance that what you’re focusing on is being addressed by someone else.

Our core principles

Why Mapotic is such a great tool for individuals and organizations


Quick to start and easy to use even without GIS knowledge, rapid time to market thanks to ready-made apps

User engagement

Focused on clients that are building projects for their own audiences, whether it be for a public or internal team


Keep an adjustable look and feel, work with various base map providers, and build custom data structures


Flexible, easy to integrate with existing solutions, and easy to connect to external data sources


Live Data Maps

Turn your location data into live map visualizations that your users will love.

Map Builder

Create rich content maps with interactive features that your users will love

Data Machine

Save your management and IT resources via location data automation

Mobile Apps

Launch a map-based Android & iOS app for your project in weeks

Mixing data and maps enables new opportunities

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