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About Mapotic

From community mapping to global location data solutions​

Mapotic simplifies working with location data and saves resources when creating map applications.

Key principles

Our Why

We believe that there is a huge untapped potential in geospatial data that can help grow businesses, organizations, and society. We enjoy uncovering that potential.

Our How

We put online tools in the hands of organizations to help them increase profits, cut down costs, and make the world a better place.

Our What

We provide cloud products that enable organizations to harness the potential of location data.

Our Story

We started Mapotic for the community. To this day, it still allows for useful content to be shared. It connects people with the same interests, even if they are on the other side of the planet. People enrich each other’s knowledge, provide information, and experience to help the less fortunate.

We believe that in doing so, we are helping make the world a better place for all of us.

Core Values

Expertise & know-how

We have a proven track record of building successful and scalable products related to geographic data and mapping.


We believe that there is huge untapped potential in geospatial data that can help grow businesses, organizations, and society. We enjoy uncovering that potential.


We are a team of dedicated map enthusiasts that take a great amount of pride in our daily work.

Mixing data and maps enables new opportunities

Mapotic Blog

Read the latest about smart maps
Subtle beginnings
First community projects with tens of thousands users

As a software agency, we first started launching hobby projects such as crowdsourcing Wild Swimming Spots, and mapping Wheelchair-friendly places. 

Product shaping
First awards

We started to win awards such as the Internet Effectiveness Award by Vodafone. We also started to prepare a new platform that would be less complicated than GIS and would enable anyone to build user-friendly maps focused on people and communities.

Alpha version
Map Builder platform launched

Hundreds of projects are running on cloud Map Builder, focused on communities, crowdsourcing, and social interactions between users.

Pre-seed round finished

We got our first equity partners on board.

Going global
Onboarding first global clients and reaching 100,000 data points

Community Maps platform reached 100k places and with Global Footprint Nertwork, we launched our first project in the US.

Extending capabilities
Movement data visualization

We extended our mapping platform to be capable of working with movement data and visualizing tracks.

New products
1M+ monthly active users

Projects running on Mapotic process tens of millions of requests with more than 1 million monthly active users.

Data processing focus
Location data aggregation

The ever-growing amount of B2B inquires led us to work on new products focused on location data processing and aggregation.


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