Sales & Marketing

Utilize maps and location-based apps for impactful marketing, harnessing spatial data's potential.

Use maps as a magnet for users

Offer people what they naturally seek and turn location-based content into a new acquisition channel

Our new form of map applications allows you to present attractive content through maps, while simultaneously using maps as a marketing tool. We have adapted the map visualizations so that they can be embedded with rich multimedia content. We’ve linked location data, marketing tools, added the ability to provide users with information, and added the option to add promotions. On top of that, we have implemented conversion measurement and user  registration. Everything can be easily connected to existing marketing and business systems, such as CRM, ERP, newsletters, and mailing solutions to acquire new users – or activate existing ones – using maps. 

Inspire the public, excite customers, and promote products in a natural way

In addition to providing useful information, you can easily increase the sales of your services

Adding additional useful information to location content is easy with our pre-made apps. In addition to what people are looking for, you can display related information on maps, whether it’s sales locations, or service promotions related to the location. In addition to tips on tourist points of interest, you can promote restaurants, accommodations, or give space to specific business partners. You can add pop-ups and banners to maps, and with the use of a mobile app under your brand, you can extend your marketing with various types of notifications based on personalization and user location.

Choose from existing data, or enrich your content with our datasets

There is no need to create content – we can help you connect to existing data sources, in addition to our database of sites

Mapotic can connect to any structured data source. We have tens of thousands of sites from every possible field available to you. Attractive visualizations for your target audience can thus be compiled in a very short time. Moreover, we take into account that data is ever-changing and its timeliness is important for end users. Automated data connectors ensure fresh data without any manual work, whether it is directly from location data, or changing contextual information in individual locations.

Make your data useful for scientists

Engage users by enabling them to contribute content and compete

Our apps allow you to create user profiles, adding another dimension to your maps.

In contrast to the one-way display of information on the map, we try to enable interactions between end users and our products. This consists of the ability to create a profile, work with favorite places, and store additional information on the maps for users. The app operator can then take advantage of the option to work with users either directly in the app, or through external marketing tools.

Expand your fundraising with new tools

Enhance your services quickly and easily with embedded maps, web, and mobile apps

Choose either a new web/mobile app, or integrate the map visualization into your existing solution

Simple map projects can be launched in a matter of hours, while more complex ones can be launched in a matter of weeks. You can choose to build a web/mobile app, or use Mapotic for data aggregation and processing only. You can also integrate the visualizations into your own solutions by using APIs.

Platform benefits

What choosing Mapotic brings you


No GIS knowledge or data expertise required to build amazing apps or create free custom maps

User engagement

Unlike existing mapping platforms, Mapotic focuses on end user target audience

Data aggregation

Merging various data sources into one attractive and easy-to-understand output


Built with integration and synchronization to existing systems and products in mind

Unique content

Mapotic can offer hundreds of thousands of location data points

Mobile apps

Besides web outputs, clients can easily build their own branded maps mobile app

Get Inspired

Get inspired by globally respected organizations that have already joined Mapotic

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