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How to make a custom map in minutes

How to make a custom map in minutes

In today’s digital age, the ability to create a custom map is more than just a convenience – for many businesses and communities, it’s a necessity. Platforms like Google Maps are great for basic mapping needs (learn more in our article about Google My Maps Top Alternatives in 2023) However, they often fall short when you need more advanced features such as filters, data layers, adding sponsors or user interactions. That’s where custom map creation comes in. Mapotic’s map builder is designed to be useful and easy to use for everyone.

Create your own maps with custom attributes and categories

Beside user interactions, one of the outstanding features of Mapotic’s Map Builder is the customizability in map making process it offers. You can easily create custom fields and categories to suit the unique needs of your project. These custom attributes, such as ‘Select’ and ‘Multiple Select’, also generate filters to make your custom map user friendly.

Custom attributes types you can use during custom map process creation
Custom attributes types you can use during custom map process creation

These custom attributes will automatically generate filters on your map frontend. Map content filter will be generated from following fields: select, multiple select, label.

Filters automatically generated from custom fields

Versatile geo-object types for comprehensive mapping

Map Builder does more than just pin places on a map. You can include different types of objects, polygons and custom routes. You can also include images, video or rich content in your places (routes, polygons), work with hidden or public custom fields in points of interest and much more. This diverse approach enriches your custom map-making experience.

Polygon visualisation for the city development project

Engage users in your map project

One of another key benefits of creating custom maps with Mapotic’s Map Builder is user engagement. You can give your custom map a collaborative edge by allowing community members to contribute to your map by adding comments, photos and even new locations.

The level of user content can be controlled through extensive options in the admin interface. You can choose whether locations, images, comments or ratings should be visible immediately or after administrator approval.

Crowdsourcing and user interactions settings

Leverage different map layers types

Mapotic integrates a number of map layers companies including following maptiles services. In your custom map creation process you can select satellite maps, vector or bitmap map tiles from range of providers:

  • MapTiler
  • Mapbox
  • Open Street Maps
  • ESRI
  • Windy
  • Mapy.cz

Easy web integration for your custom map

Whether your website runs on WordPress or another CMS, embedding your custom map is incredibly easy. Just paste the code snippet provided by Mapotic and effortlessly display your custom map on your website.

Embedded map example - a custom map integrated in a website

Advanced custom map making features

If your custom map gains traction and you want to expand, Mapotic’s Map Builder offers advanced features such as hosting your map on your own domain (Whitelabel) or launching a dedicated map based mobile application. These premium services take your custom map creation efforts to a professional level.

map custom domain/website example
Shark tracking map including map layers with sea bottom details

Create your map on Mapotic

Map Builder is a smart, free custom map making tool that can get your project out in minutes or build a complex live data maps project with a mobile app in a matter of weeks.

Are you interested in taking your custom map making project to the next level? Contact us, and our team of geospatial data professionals will be more than happy to assist you.

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