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The largest map of summer Swimplaces is joining Mapotic

The largest map of summer Swimplaces is joining Mapotic

Community map Swimplaces is joining the Mapotic family. The largest database of natural swimming in the Czech Republic has new features and is part of mapping platform Mapotic.
This mapping project was created in 2011 and formed as an idea to share tips for swim places with a group of friends. Since then the community around Swimplaces is growing in and outside the Czech Republic and the app is listed in the selections of summer recommended apps.
The growing amount of people using this app copies the growing temperatures in the summer. In total, over 60,000 people have downloaded the application so far. The record was reached in the summer last year with over 20,000 users in just one day.

Number of views in summer: 380 500 (web only).

Project Swimplaces was the main inspiration and idea behind startup Mapotic, which aims to gather community maps and mapping projects created by individuals, non-profit organizations, communities, companies or larger organizations. Just anyone.
Since this started as a project just for fun, there wasn’t much time and sources for major innovations and the app stayed unchanged. The time has come and thanks to the integration with Mapotic, Swimplaces got a brand new design and features. For example user profiles, map activity feed, add inga new location by loading GPS from a photo and more (a complete list of news here). We teamed up with Visualio studio, they helped us with redesigning the app and the new version should work smoothly also on the latest smartphones. Thanks to this integration the web version gets a wider range of users and bathing fans can discover more mapping projects.

Users share tips for forest lakes as well as tips for lesser known sea beaches or thermal springs.

Contribute to further project development
Sharing information with each other is the main idea behind Mapotic and also Swimplaces. The content on Swimplaces is created and shared by the users themselves, translations were done by volunteers and we have run and maintained the web and app at our own expense for years.

We are also opened to partner up with a summer, outdoor or swimming brand that would be the face of this project and helped us with the further development of new features and bring people great summer experiences. Feel free to contact us.

Web: www.swimplaces.com
App for iOS: Download here
App for Android: Download here

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