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Best summer maps for 2022

Best summer maps for 2022

Mapotic was selected as one of startups attending the CzechMatch acceleration programme already in 2020 but due to pandemic restrictions, the program took place more than one year later, in November 2021.

Summer is just around the corner, so we decided to rank our favourite summer projects and apps running on Mapotic!


The community project originally called Where to Swim, now Swim Places, has been mapping natural swimming for almost 10 years. Users have added thousands of places via web and mobile apps not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Europe and other continents. This year, the “sandpits” will resonate as places where you can swim in clean water all summer season long. You can discover the best ones on Swimplaces.

Web, iOS, Android

1000+ cool swimming places in one app


A project founded by traveller’s heartthrobs maps out the best places and campsites for caravanners across Europe. The carefully curated selection will help you travel by motorhome in many countries from Greece to Norway. The authors are constantly searching for and adding amazing campsites, private and public overnight spots, wineries, no-camping sites, glamping sites and other original outdoor stays so that lovers of 4-wheel travel can save time to enjoy their travels.

Web, iOS, Android

Find unique locations for camping in CamperGuru app

Tips for Trips 

Tips for Trips, the largest Czech portal, has been running a mobile app on Mapotic since 2019. In the almost 2 decades of the project’s existence, the editorial team has created the most comprehensive database with tens of thousands of tourist destinations attracting travellers to all corners of the Czech Republic. In the update released for the 2022 season, together with Czech Tourism, we have added a number of features such as weather forecasts, public transport search or collecting travel badges.

Web, iOS, Android

Czech Tourism mobile smartphone map app Kudy z Nudy

The biggest travel app in the CZE

On Fruit

In 2022, the community On Fruit (originally called “Na Ovoce” in Czech) joined Mapotic to map free places to pick cherries, apples or herbs. Thousands of volunteers have been mapping fruit trees in the landscape, orchards in cities, etc. for over five years. All this with an emphasis on responsible use of natural resources, promoting the cultivation of old varieties and educating people in landscape care. 

Web, iOS, Android

Check out this inspiring project that has community of 20k+ active users


The hit of recent years in the likes of Paddleboarding has already got its own map on Mapotic. Paddleboardmapa.cz was launched in the summer of 2021 and contains almost 200 places perfect for paddling. The project is supported by the Snowboardel eshop and in addition to paddleboard locations, the map also features marked rental shops and paddleboard equipment stores.

Web, iOS, Android

Find new places in the Paddleboard Map

Amazing places

The travel app with a selection of lesser-known destinations across the country immediately gained tens of thousands of supporters. The app’s authors are constantly adding new places, with nearly 900 for the 2022 season, helping to inspire many travellers to take unconventional trips to the countryside, culture or good food. The subtext of the app, besides the passion for travel and discovering new places, is to promote sustainable tourism and responsibility towards nature.

Web, iOS, Android


Find the best places with Amazing places!

Wheelchair map

The largest database of wheelchair-accessible places contains over 10,000 points – and many of them are tips for trips for wheelchair-bound people. The Czech Association of Paraplegics and Mapotic have been working together since 2010 and the Vozejkmap content is created by the community. Vozejkmap provides data to many other projects and has won many awards.

Web, iOS, Android

Travel without any restrictions with the WheelchairMap app

Other projects

For trekkers the Bivouacs and shelters map might be useful, for beer lovers there is the Minibrewers map. 

And if you’re going abroad with your four-legged pet in the summer, we recommend the map “Where to Croatia with your dog”, and for trips to Poland, the local guides Bielowieza or Swiebodzin may come in handy. Each of them contains a number of travel tips for the region, excursion routes or the opportunity to play games with tasks.  You can discover more map projects at Mapotic.com > Travel.

Build your project with Mapotic

Mapotic is a smart mapping platform with which we can launch any geolocation project into the world in a matter of weeks.

Want a similar app or have an idea or inspiration for us? Write to  [email protected].

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