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1. Cookie Policy

1.1. Cookies on Mapotic

    1. In order to improve your service, the Service uses cookies. Cookies are small data sets that store information in the user’s browser and help to distinguish individual users. However, the User’s person is not identifiable based on this information.
    2. Without the use of cookies, the Service will not work properly, and you will not be able to save any user settings to provide a user-friendly experience. Cookies help for example:

a) to display the content and the overall correct functionality of our site;

b) to remember users’ credentials so they do not have to be entered each time;

c) to determine which maps, pages, and features the visitors use most often; as a result, the functions and options of the Service can be adjusted as best as possible;

  1. You can find more general information about cookies here (

1.2. Advertising Cookies

  1. Through our Web Services, users’ browser can also store cookies of ad operators for remarketing or for more relevant ads.
  2. If you do not want to store these cookies, you can disable them at the following link:

1.3. How to Disable Cookies

  1. Cookies can be set up through the User’s browser. Most browsers automatically accept cookies by default. You can disable cookies using a web browser or set up only certain types of cookies.
  2. You can find information about browsers and how to set up cookies preferences on the following websites:



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