Chytrá mapa turistických destinací vložená na webu nebo v mobilní aplikaci

Simple display of points on the map versus a map with advanced functionality

Displaying points of interest on the map is an integral part of the presentation of tourist places. A map will help you to navigate your users or clients to the most interesting places and will help them to plan their trip at the same time. If you need to display a couple of points on a map and add names, a description and a picture, you can do so with common solutions like Google Maps.

Interactive embedded map of travel destinations on a website
Interactive destinations map embedded into a website

But what if you need to display many points in an organized fashion, add photos and videos to them, and categorize them? How to allow people to filter only what they are interested in on the map, show routes, or insert structured content into the description of places, link to websites of sponsors or add links to ticket reservations?

Let’s see how you can use Mapotic to display maps with more sophisticated requirements.


Simple administration and a rich functionality

Mapotic is designed as a map content management system, in which information can easily be managed, inserted, but also integrated (embedded) into websites or applications without the need for programming. Each map project can be easily configured and the map display and content can be adapted to your specific requirements.

Central administration system of the mapping platform
The Mapotic mapping platform offers an easy way to create interactive maps with a easy-to-use content management system accessible to multiple admins
Map Content administration system on the mapping platform
The admin environment features an easy-to-use content administration system
For maps used to present a destination or to display interesting locations in certain area, it is good to divide the content of the map into categories, or to set a different structure for the categories.
Advanced filters and categories in a map
Mapotic offers sophisticated system of customizable categories & filters

For example, points in the ‘Nature’ category do not usually require contact information, however those will be useful in the category ‘Accommodation’. Similarly, you can assign other parameters to places such as `Paid` or `Free` entry etc. Such filtering options will help the visitors of your map to find points of interest that they’re interested in much faster.

Filters can be a powerful tool. In tourist maps, visitors will appreciate, for example, the suitability of a place for a family, the possibility to park nearby or information about suitability for animals, etc. If a place does not have the information filled in, Mapotic will automatically hide the entire line and will not display a title without content. 

Ve vaší mapě založené v Mapotic
Mapotic allows you to add unlimited content to your points of interest, including attractive content such as pictures or videos


Use one map in several places

Once created, the map can be used more than once. Thanks to the possibility to set a specific zoom or a different centering in the embedded map, one map can be used as a general guide to all areas, but you can also, for example, restrict the very same map to only display tourist attractions placed in certain area.

Displaying places from a specified category
Embedded map set to display places from a specified category

In addition to centering the map on a specific location, you can also insert a map that is already set to display places from a specified category or even with an applied filter. For example, you can view only relevant places and routes in an article about routes suitable for e-bikes. 

Another example could be the article “where to go with your family” or “show places suitable to visit even during rainy days”, etc. For all these purposes, you do not always have to create a new map, but only select content from your Mapotic map that you want to view.

Tourist map layer

Many visitors will appreciate the tourist map when planning a trip to nature or outside the urban agglomeration. Mapotic allows the use of background maps from various vendors including For mountain destinations and ski areas, there is a special winter layer available. 
Tourist map with applied winter layer
Map with applied winter layer


Attractive content

Creating quality content can cost a lot of work. If you already have or are ready to insert your own or licensed photos into maps and write unique texts, the effort will soon pay off with the visibility of the map in search engines.

If you do not have such time options, Mapotic has a wide database of tens of thousands of places in the Czech Republic and abroad. We can easily connect to the maps, for example, barrier-free points from the largest database of points or organic farms from the project Adresar Farmaru and many other data, including the import of data from various open data sets. 


Other advantages of Mapotic

Mapotic can be a universal tool for diverse use-cases. In addition to the above functions, it can offer:
  • Creating your own mobile application for a given area or non-shining
  • User registration and work with user accounts
  • Detailed traffic statistics 
  • Calculating the optimal route to a given place
  • Integration with existing systems for displaying and transferring data to other applications
  • Crowdsourcing – an option to involve your users to contribute new places or other content to your map
  • Rating and adding comments to places on the map
  • Gamification elements or creation of outdoor games based on the principle of geocaching
  • Hidden attributes for storing internal information, etc.
  • Connecting with partners or providing visibility to your sponsors
  • Displaying routes for walking and cycling trips

Try Mapotic in the free version or do not hesitate to contact us to process an offer tailored to your needs.

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