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Today, we’d like to explain to you why attributes and categories play a very important role in your new interactive map on The right combination of these two elements will make your map much easier to use for your new and existing visitors.

What is the difference between attributes and categories?


  • work as a primary navigation element.
  • should be as descriptive and explanatory as possible
  • should be designed so that one POI (point of interest) can only fall under one category
  • if you’re not sure about the categorization of a certain place, do not create a new category it. You can do so at any time later.
Mapotic map with highlighted categories navigation bar
The category bar is the basic orientation tool for maps on

Thanks to categories, users can search for specific points of interest or filter specific places on the map

Where can I find categories on the map and where can I add/edit them?

Categories can be found on the bar at the bottom right of each map, while the tools for their management are located in the left administration menu under the Categories tab.

Mapotic categories administration
Working with categories is easy and intuitive.


  • are properties of places on the map. When creating or working with each category, you can assign or remove available attributes from it.
  • help the information of your individual places in your interactive map to be displayed in a clean and structured fashion.
  • named Selection More Options are used to create filters on the map.
  • are represented in the place detail by the selected icon. The attribute name is displayed only after hovering the mouse over the attribute icon. Therefore, we recommend naming them descriptively so that it’s clear what information they indicate.
Mapotic map with points of interest
You can use the attributes, among other things, to promote your own web or FB pages.

There are multiple attribute types and you can also assign a set of attributes that will be available for each category. If an attribute doesn’t match a location in one or more categories, you can easily remove it in Settings.

Finally, a few more tips for all newcomers and for those who are just deciding whether it makes sense to establish a map at all. Try to look at the Discover page, where you will find a lot of finished and successful map projects. Several of their creators even managed to get sponsors for their plans.

If you have already created a map and would like to focus on promoting it, you will find a few useful tips in our article on this topic.

We wish you good luck with your map projects!

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