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The combination of maps and social features are a huge asset of Mapotic. In fact, we sometimes like to describe it as “a combination of Facebook groups and Google maps” due to it’s crowdsourcing possibility and to the user interaction possibilities. In one of our recent updates, we have further improved the comments and ratings features on our maps. Let’s have a look what’s new!

Map home screen that shows all recent posts, comments and ratings.

Enhanced social features

This update expands the customizability of the comments & ratings function. 

We have split comments & ratings into two individual tabs. With the Admin Pro addon, it is possible to only display selected tabs (or hide both). When the Comments or Ratings tabs are hidden by the map administrator, the existing comments and ratings are preserved and will be displayed again in case the map admin alters the settings again in the future.

All map (inlcuding free maps) admins still have the option to allow/disallow commenting and rating points of interest in their map.

We have also improved the Ratings function – users can now post a text along with a star review. Already existing ratings that do not include text are remained and have default text. This feature is available for free maps as well

  • Possibility to post a text along with a star review of a point of interest
  • Added customizability for comments & ratings
  • Ability to turn off comments & ratings
  • Map owner has more control over the user interaction
Comments and Ratings tab in Mapotic smart map
The comments and ratings feature on a map

Avoid abusive content

Many maps has been experiencing issues regarding spam or abusive content being added to their map, devaluing their efforts in building a strong community.

Hence, we have added an option to require an administrator’s check of every comment added to the map. After activation, new comments added to the map will be unpublished until the map administrator reviews them and publishes them manually.

This setting will either allow automatical approval of new comments or have the map owner approve new comments themselves.
Under content > posts, a map owner is able to approve new comments and posts.

Where to find the settings?

You can find the settings for allowing users to comment and rate your places under the "advanced" settings tab on the left hand side of your screen.
You can find the settings that allow you to show or hide comments and ratings under "Admin PRO" on the left hand side of your screen.

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