Swift overview of your own points on the map with the new “My places” feature

In one of the recent updates, we have brought a small (but handy!) improvement for users of WhiteLabel maps (maps running on their own domain). This new feature allows users to access places that they have contributed to on the map in just two clicks. To view a list of places that you have added to a specific WhiteLabel map, it is necessary to log in to your account, click your profile icon in the top right corner and select My places from the drop-down menu.


Mapotic my places


After clicking My Places, a sidebar will open on the left side of the screen with a list of places that you have contributed to the given map.

After selecting any point in the list, you can continue working with the selected point: insert new information, edit the text related to the place, or delete previously inserted details.


How to find places I added to a map on Mapotic


Hope this one saves you a bit of time and remember, we’re working hard to bring you more features and improvements!

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