{'en': 'Blodplättar - Blood Pancakes'}

World's Scariest Food

{'en': 'Blodplättar - Blood Pancakes'}

Popis: During harsh Scandinavian winters, local cooks learned to make the most out of every animal they hunted. Nothing was wasted. They boiled hooves into gelatin. Fried hearts were turned into nuggets (don't tell the Colonel). Blood was baked into pancakes. They sound like an economical bunch. Blood pancakes probably originated in Finland, where they are known as veriohukainen, but Swedes (who call the dish blodplättar) and Norwegians quickly became fans too. While most recipes use pig or cow's blood, any readily available animal source will suffice. The Sami people of northern Norway, for example, use reindeer (let's hope Rudolph is safe). In pancakes, blood operates as a handy egg substitute, providing the building block of protein and binding the milk and flour together. Unlike egg-based pancakes, however, these flapjacks turn dense, savoury, and dark. They’re also packed with iron which can add a coppery flavour to the meal. To counter the metallic taste, cooks often throw in spices or sweeteners like molasses and top-up their finished articles with a sprinkling of sweet lingonberries or lingonberry jam. Sami chefs also cover the cakes with a sauce derived from cream, butter, and reindeer fat. The result is a rich, fatty breakfast that should power anyone through another chilly day.

Adresa: If you're in Finland, buy premade pig-blood pancakes from the food company Atria