{'en': 'Live monkey brain'}

World's Scariest Food

{'en': 'Live monkey brain'}

Popis: If you're just a little bit sensitive, stop reading and go to another place on the map. This will be really graphic! There are people who enjoy eating monkey's brain. It is served directly in the skull of a monkey that is still alive or where the cook has just killed it prior to serving. The simian brain begins to shut down a few minutes after the death of the animal giving it a bitter taste. The monkey is usually strapped down rendering it virtually immobile. Using the knife, the skull of the monkey is sliced. The top of the skull is cracked open further to allow easy access for the guest to start eating. The fresh brain is not very strong in flavour and tastes like tofu. In Indonesia, monkeys are stunned by a stroke stick. In Vietnam, they are made more docile by getting them drunk with sweet rice wine while they wait in their cage. The monkey brain is offered, for example, in a restaurant in Kunming in the Chinese province of Yunan. The chef uses a noose to hang the still living animal by the neck. The dead weight of the monkey against the noose means it doesn't even make a sound. The chef then opens the skull and immediately brings the customer to the table.