Have an overview of the locations of moving objects with Mapotic

With Mapotic you can do more than just display the current position of tracked objects – you will be able to visualise routes, analyse motion history and present data on your own website or mobile application.

Connect your existing tracking data

Work in a sophisticated manner with the data that is generated by tracking devices. Don’t settle for displaying the current locations – utilize all data with Mapotic.

Add more data and get people involved

You can process, normalize and add other relevant information to Mapotic Tracking Data before further visualization. You can then display them for internal use or for your audience.

Visualize routes and efficiently work with data

Efficiently use tracking data. Thanks to built-in filters and flexibility you can: filter the data, add more information to the same map project, perform analyzes or set alerts and notifications, etc.

Move with the times. The advent of low-energy network devices and IoT devices is changing the field of tracking

With the advent of low power networks (LP WAN) and equipment, the possibilities of tracking objects and animals have expanded enormously. It is possible to monitor objects with long battery life even in places without standard GSM signal reception at low cost. Be there with Mapotic.

Visualize movement regardless of tracking technology

Mapotic can connect to any API and receive data from various location tracking systems

Mapotic connects to any data source and displays them in their original form or it is possible to alter them for further work. Whether conventional GSM devices, classic 2G / GPRS trackers, devices built on new technologies with NB-IoT or LORA connectivity.

Display routes on the web or mobile app

Mapotic is an ideal tool for visualization of routes and works with acquired data for various users.

Mapotic displays location data or other acquired information in the form of points on a map, grouping them into categories or further parameterizing them according to the tracker classification or acquired values. It uses the web or mobile applications for visualization.

Automatic notifications, analysis and statistics

Receive alerts and classified data based on preset parameters

If the set limit values ​​are exceeded in the data, the system can be set to send notifications or alerts. You can further analyze all the data stored in the system, perform statistical analysis of location or tracking intelligence and achieve optimization of activities.

Let the fans and supporters get involved

Involvement of people to support action

Mapotic originated as a community portal with the mission to support various projects. Therefore, interactive functions can be activated for the monitored data. It lets users comment on the movement of objects, vote or enrich the data with their own content.

Move from telemetry to remote control

Send data in the opposite direction and change devices’ settings

Thanks to the bi-directional interconnection of the systems, Mapotic allows users to send data from the secure control panel to the device and change their settings or send them instructions.

Benefit from a new generation of tracking in your field

Tracking movement of wild nature

Tracking wild animals, whether sharks, birds or wolves, is one way to use modern technology to understand animal behavior.

Logistics and vehicle monitoring

Monitoring company cars or trucks is common today. With new technologies, however, it can track:material, individual pallets or capacity of even a medium-sized carrier at a lower cost.

Smart and efficient cities

Tracking urban furnishings or movable property managed by a city or organization will help solve many difficulties. For example, in monitoring movement and analyzing public transport.

Process monitoring in industry

With industry 4.0 and the growth of IoT, permanent machine monitoring is becoming a common feature of the production manager. Location tracking of movable machines or a constant overview of material and employees.

Monitoring of agricultural equipment

Tractors are now commonly equipped with GPS. But what about trailers, semi-trailers and other agricultural machinery? With low power devices you can monitor all types of technology and have a constant overview of where the machine is working or parked.

Shared economy

Utilize Mapotic in a shared economy where you use vehicles and applications for dispatching or for end clients. Save time, and focus on the essence of your business.

Available tracking technologies for next-gen devices

Detect and transfer of the location and other data

GPS chips or the beginning Galileo are classic technologies used by each tracker for positioning. However, this position must be sent somehow, which was previously done via GSM (in areas with signal reception) or via satellite technology.

Now you can use the new NB-IOT network, LTE Cat M1 or more community-oriented LoRa. Each is suitable for a different type of use.

Trackers or tracking devices

There are a huge number of trackers on the market. Depending on what you need to track it is necessary to choose the right technology, not only in terms of HW but also in terms of connectivity. The key questions are: Where can the tracker send your data and how is it connectable to other systems? Most IoT devices send data to collection hubs that have an easy-to-connect API.

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