Fandimat maps connecting people

The Fandimat project used Mapotic smart maps to connect people and organizations in need with people willing to help.

Community maps connecting material aid donors with its recipients

The Fandi Mamam non-profit came up with the idea of creating a mobile application that would mediate the provision of materials to help people in difficult life situations. Get inspired by the project that managed to convey effective donor support over the last two years and was created in collaboration with Mapotic.


The Fandi mamam organization stands behind the Fandimat application. It was established to support single mothers and has won a number of awards in recent years. It focuses on interconnecting people and organizations who want to help individuals or non-profit organizations.

The main benefits of cooperation between Fandi Mamam and Mapotic:

  • FandiMat makes it easy to help each other
  • The material assistance provided is specific, transparent, and local
  • FandiMat can also be used for acute humanitarian collections

An original Czech project for the easy distribution of material assistance to people in need

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Aim of the project: to mediate contact between material aid donors and those who need it

In the beginning of 2020, we were contacted by the Fandi Mamam non-profit with its idea of creating a mobile application that would simplify the process of providing direct material support to specific recipients and donors. From the very beginning, it was clear that one of the most important stages of this form of support through gifts and physical items was the logistics and transport of the donated goods to the destinations.

The FandiMat mobile application helps people in material need – families, singles, seniors, the socially disadvantaged, and other people who need material help. FandiMat makes it easy to provide this help – whether it is unused items that people have at home or new items.

A smart map operated through a mobile application and website make it easier to connect charities, individuals and other aid providers with recipients of aid. It also includes regularly held and media-attractive food collections, also known as Solidarity Day.

Challenges we had to solve during the FandiMat project

Design of a map layout suitable for a specific use
Ideal setting of filters according to the type of help offered
Implementing features to allow communication between users
Creating a data input standard & importing from an existing database
Methodology for verifying user profiles
Adapting the design of the mobile app to the Fandimat project visuals

Implementation: Web map and mobile application of material assistance

Fandi Mamam originally organized help through a Facebook group with almost 10,000 members. However, having so many people involved required a more efficient solution for displaying members. So Fandi Mamam decided to create a mobile app.

We helped create a map structure that allows users to easily find their counterpart using a user-friendly map and specific filters. In addition, we addressed specific project needs, such as user account verification.

"Thanks to our project, we know that Czechs want to help those who need it. We are grateful that Mapotic has made it available to a wide range of people thanks to its mobile application. ”

Petra Kvetova Psenicna and Zaneta Slamova, founders of the Fandi Mamam non-profit

Result: a mapping application that effectively connects material donors with their recipients

Already during the first months after the launch (Spring 2020), we registered hundreds of entries on the map, hundreds of people received specific material assistance thanks to FandiMat, there were thousands of donations, and many real interpersonal connections.

All activities for profile approval, verification, and project management are covered by a robust administration system. The map runs on the project’s own domain with a design adapted to the project brand. A mobile application for Android & iOS has also been programmed.

Another communication channel was created for the operators, partners, and sponsors of the project, which significantly expands its fundraising opportunities.

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