Startup Camperguru creates a catalog of the best places for digital nomads

Camperguru makes life easier for campers and helps them plan holidays all across Europe

Camperguru is a web service with a carefully compiled and constantly expanding catalog of the best places for campers. At first, the offer of amazing places from all over Europe was available to users in several languages, but only in the web version. Due to the rapid growth of the project and expansion to other European countries, it was necessary to expand the services and complete the missing piece of the puzzle – a mobile application.


Camperguru is a startup founded by experienced travelers and digital nomads. It helps camping enthusiasts find the best proven sites across Europe, saves them time, and promotes responsible travel.


Camperguru's goal is to become the "Michelin guide" for caravanning and camping

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Czech startup recommends the best places for campers

Smooth connection between web platform and mobile application

Since Camperguru already has a well-functioning web platform, a flexible mobile application was necessary. That’s where Mapotic stepped in. The app needed to  communicate with the existing system, be multilingual, and offer more usability than a mobile website. In addition to expanding usability and comfort for users, the product will also be available on Google Play and the Aple App Store

In the initial phase of implementation, it was necessary to design the right type of data synchronization for the existing website with the new mobile application. The goal was to keep data management completely on the web back office side. The API of the existing system was thus connected to the Mapotic API, and real-time two-way synchronization of both location data and user accounts between the website and the mobile application took place.

The challenges we faced while working on the Camperguru project:

Sophisticated mobile app branding
Graphic design of map layers
Connector to existing back end
5 language versions for interface and content
SSO via OAuth and social networks
Two-way synchronization of data and user accounts

Complex multilingual content, applications, and tip-top branding

Due to the fact that the Camperguru application has users in many European countries, it was designed to be multilingual from the start. In addition to the data itself, this is also visible in the interface on both the web and mobile applications. Mapotic can solve translations using Google Firebase remote config, so deploying other language versions is simplified, especially for translators and not developers.

The overall visuals of the application show that one of the project founders is a UX designer. In addition to the graphic design of the application, it was also necessary to work on the colors of the map layers and interactive elements above the maps.

“Mapotic was a clear choice for us right from the start - it has both a platform for location data and a customizable mobile app that works great with maps and can provide us with additional data that we do not primarily focus on.”

Víťa Válka, co-founder of CamperGuru

Weather forecast anywhere in Europe

Map layers with weather or predictions for any place on the planet are part of the Mapotic platform, so it was not a problem to integrate this function. Users can browse places that include the weather forecast for a given week, or averages by season. 

The weather forecast plays an important role for travelers, so one of the requirements was the integration of a widget displaying the temperature in given locations, including averages by season, so on.


Mapotic includes working with weather map layers, as well as connecting to services with forecasts or historical data for any place on the planet. Implementation was therefore not a problem, and Camperguru users can thus browse sites that include the weather forecast for the given week, or averages by season.

If you’re interested in other uses of dynamic and motion data visualization, check out our case studies.

Crowdsourcing of data and synchronization of user accounts

Camperguru’s customers include not only travelers, but also campsite owners and travel service providers In addition to registrations, the project can also accept suggestions of new places, which are later prepared for review and approval by the Camperguru team.

Platform uses

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Static or dynamic data

Processing and aggregation of various location dynamic data

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