Mapotic and Global Footprint Network connect global ecological communities and projects

Global Footprint Network (GFN) was looking for a solution that could unite people and organizations involved in sustainability and environmental projects through the map. Learn how Mapotic contributed to the creation of a project that has collected over 800 sustainable solutions from individuals and communities around the world in 6 months after the launch.


The Global Footprint Network (GFN) unites more than 70 organizations, from different countries, that are concerned with sustainability and reducing the negative impact of human activity on Earth.

One of the interesting activities of the international NGO Global Footprint Network is the OverShootDay campaign. It indicates the date of a year on which humanity will consume renewable sources that the planet can produce.


A project dealing with sustainability and reducing the impact of negative human activity on Earth

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Objective of the project: Creating a community map for a global organization that supports environmental movements

For several years, GFN’s management was looking for a tool or service that would make it possible to map and connect people and organizations involved in sustainability and environmental projects using a map.

The project objective is to help to change the way we manage ecological resources to thrive in the natural environment. That also included support for OvershootDay.

During the initial communication we clarified the goals and how to approach the map structure. We decided to create a map project that would serve as a standalone map on its own domain, as well as support for the OvershootDay campaign.

Users from around the world can add tips of sustainable projects to the map and support the GFN’s mission.

Challenges we faced when working on the GFN project

Systematics of solution distribution on the map
Classification of environmental and ecological projects into well arranged categories.
New channel to promote the organization's activities, another promotional space to offer to partners and sponsors.
Interactive elements to engage users and fans.
More engagement thanks to the implementation of a voting system.
Detailed metrics and measurements of project impact.

Implementation: A map linking global communities with the ability to assess the impact of activities

In the first phase, we created a demo map, which formed the basis of the future distribution of places on the map. Thanks to their long-term activities, the GFN team had dozens of projects and users whose profiles were ready to be entered into the map.

Below are the key features of the GFN mapping project:

Voting on inspirational projects from around the world

Specifically for GFN, we took advantage of the modular platform architecture and developed a new feature that allows using a “thumbs up” button to rate the best projects instead of using stars for rating. Therefore, the community can easily rate the environmental and the individual projects, which allows them to receive valuable feedback.

Filtering and “first steps guide” integration

Projects can be filtered by their focus. This helps users to navigate in the map that contains hundreds of projects. To increase the number of newly registered users, we integrated an information window, which helps the first-time visitors with the initial steps in the map.

Connection with the GFN project portfolio

We launched the map on the subdomain, logically linking it to the GFN project portfolio. The three million users who use the footprint calculator every year, now have an opportunity to promote the spread of environmental thinking and raising awareness about sustainability.

Easy communication via messages

Thanks to the built-in messaging feature, users can reach each other and establish contacts for further collaboration.

Effective measurement of the organization’s impact

We integrated a measurement tool into the project and set up statistics enabling the evaluation of project metrics. The set targets, which are sent as a weekly report, allow the operator and project partners to monitor user activity anonymously and measure the impact of their activity.

“We have planned a project to connect communities of environmental projects for a long time. Only with Mapotic we found a solution where it was possible to realize it.”

Laetitia Millheis, CEO of Global Footprint Network

The result: A service for finding interesting environmental solutions and influencers anywhere in the world

Since the launch of the project in the summer of 2019, over 800 sustainable solutions have been added in the project map and several thousand users have joined the map. Hundreds of interconnections have occurred and GFN has another tool for spreading sustainability awareness and an ecological approach to the functioning of humanity on our planet.

Thanks to the gradual dissemination of the project, the organization has also acquired another PR tool and a new source of donors, who are an essential part of the organization’s financial support.

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