Continuously updated data, displayed on a map, saves drivers time and money

For instance, the latest radio traffic news, or “Green Wave”, draws on the extensive database of Global Assistance. How to efficiently process this information in real time and make it clear to motorists and drivers? Discover how Mapotic handled the visualization of the current traffic situation throughout the Czech Republic.

The main benefits of Mapotic Map
  • using existing data to improve the quality of client’s services
  • creation of processes to control and standardize various data sources into a single output
  • integrated web map and mobile app
  • linking to external services and strengthening partner ties

Global Assistance offers comprehensive assistance services to motorists throughout Europe.  They cooperate with a number of insurance companies and their services include mapping the traffic situation in the Czech Republic.

The company works with a vast database of daily updated traffic information obtained from various sources of information, including aerial monitoring. To retain efficiency, Global Assistance had to publish this information automatically on a company map, in order to meet the needs of partners and motorists.


“We use an airplane to monitor the traffic situation in Prague. We also get some data directly from the traffic police. Mapotic has managed to control these variables into clear outputs and is a reliable partner for us. ”

Jiří Machovec, Global Assistance Traffic Information Director

Objective of the project: Deliver processed real-time data from various sources to users

Global assistance approached us with a project that required visualization of thousands of daily updated records that had to be presented on a map. The main goal of this project was to make information easily accessible to drivers and motorists.

Mapotic’s task was to use existing data sources and unify them into a comprehensive, constantly updated output for presentation on the company website. In order to create a system that processes this information in real time, displays it on the map and automates the whole process.

Another interesting requirement was to implement a map with fuel prices from more than 2,000 petrol stations throughout the Czech Republic that are regularly updated.

The challenges we faced in the Global Assistance project

thousands of daily updates regarding traffic information
processing and parsing data from different sources and suppliers
unification of the incoming data
custom integration of the map into the newly prepared website

Implementation: Converting diverse data into a single map

The solution was to automate the process of publishing data to an online map on the Global Assistance website, which uses existing data and is a useful tool for every driver and motorist.

Key aspects of the Global Assistance map project:

Preparation of diverse data formats from different resources for Google maps

For example, Global Assistance receives data from TSK Praha in the form of XML / JSON. Input datasets contain various types of GPS notation from eRDIS or UTM33N (WGS84 coordinate system). It is necessary to convert the data, remove any duplicates and prepare for publication in Google maps, which is the project’s partner.

An always up-to-date map of fuel prices in the Czech Republic

We have implemented a map with regularly updated fuel prices from more than 2,000 petrol stations throughout the Czech Republic. The data is automatically broken down by fuel type. Gas stations with one type of fuel have their own icon, this allows for easier filtering on the map.

Clear display of updated fuel prices and current deadlines throughout the Czech Republic

The result: Comprehensive information services for partners and motorists

By using the Mapotic platform, Global Assistance has enriched its website with constantly updated information. It provides better service to motorists throughout the Czech Republic.

In addition to better visibility and PR, the map also forms another source of visits and new customers for the company’s partners.

  • 2 maps designed to be integrated into a business website homepage and a mobile app
  • over 2,000 petrol stations with fuel prices updated several times a week
  • Hundreds of daily updated points with closures and other traffic information

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European structural and investment funds Operation programme Prague – Growth Pole Czech Republic.

In 2020, the company Mapotic, s.r.o received support from the European Structural and Investment Funds, implemented through the Operational Program Prague – Growth Pole of the Czech Republic and drawn through II. call of specialized vouchers (reg. no. CZ.07.1.02 / 0.0 / 0.0. / 16_027 / 0000607). The support was aimed at the participation of the Mapotic s.r.o. at the Prague implementation site in order to increase the competitiveness. The expected output is innovation and launch of other services and products of the company.

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