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The magic of setting up categories and attributes

Today, we’d like to explain to you why attributes and categories play a very important role in your new interactive map on The right combination of these two elements will make your map much easier to use for your new and existing visitors. What is the difference between attributes and categories? Categories work as a primary navigation element.

Admin Tips & Tricks: Map Promotion

A couple of tips and trick how to make your map more visible

Map Settings

When setting up a new map, you’ll have these default settings. For some types of projects, you may want to edit them. There are several bookmarks for managing map information in the map management to determine whether it is posted, whether it’s public or private, and more. General map information First, it is important to

Before You Start Your New Map Project

The possibilities for using the online maps are endless as there so many  of things that you can map. Some maps are just for fun, others address community needs, and others can save lives. Some map projects are adding new users, others are closed for a few people or can be  private for individual mapping

Filtering and Categorizing Places

Splitting places into categories is a way to keep track of the locations. Categories you create for a new map will create icons for users to show only one or more selected categories on the map. This will make it easier to navigate on the map. When naming and categorizing, it is necessary to keep


Work with maps like never before. Build your structure, visualise data and let people interact. Use maps to get you mission fullfiled.


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