During April and May, we worked on exciting new features and updates, we hope you’ll enjoy them! Check out the most import ones below.


  • User profile on the map with this infomration: 
    • photo,
    • name,
    • date of joining Mapotic,
    • “my location”,
    • about me text,
    • places the user created,
    • latest acitivites,
    • possibility to send a message.

  • Possible to add winter layer in the map.

  • Section “Invoicing info” added to the user setting -> automatically generates VAT and invoice according to this information.

  • AdminPro – option to hide the w3w links.

  • Multiselect attribute – search bar added (visible only when there are more than 10 options to choose from).


  • New attribute type “Address”

  • Possible to filter and search in “Places” in map administration.

  • Mobile app – new updated versions are out (login through FB, feed of activities, …).
  • Edit place – admin can choose to edit on the map (and save the selected filters) or edit in the administration.
  • MyMapotic – maps are sorted from newest to oldest.
  • The route in a map was made more visible.


  • Duplicate places and maps are not being created anymore.
  • AdminPro – new subpages are shown in the menu. 
  • Order of the attributes is fixed. 
  • Zooming in embed is fixed.
  • Adding a new place – location (GPS coordinates) copied also in the mobile view.
  • Unpublished places are not shown in the activity feed. 
  • Invitation to follow the map – fixed the map URL in the email.
  • Attribute type “Number” fixed in Firefox and Safari.

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