First February release with new possibilities of PRO version and finalization of possibility disabling user interactions. Changelog 2.5.0

✨ Features

  • Switch for allowing adding photos to a map
  • Sending messages to selected followers
  • Logged user can see owned unpublished places
  • Administration is enabled in responsive view

? Fine tuning

  • Faster map loading
  • Finetunings (graphical)
  • Unpublished place display the information that it’s not public
  • United modal dialogs
  • United names of topics, categories etc.
  • Sjednotili jsme názvosloví téma mapy vs kategorie atd.
  • Fixed dashboard for Safari 8

? Bugs

  • Swipe in photo galeries
  • Refresh of POI rating in tooltip after adding rating
  • Refresh ratingu na tooltipu POI po jeho přidání
  • Dynamic generating of OG tags

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