In 2018 we were working hard to improve our platform and added plenty of new features. The main focus was on social functions that will help your mapping projects engage more people and make it more interactive. Below is an overview of the most important ones.

Addon market – map widgets and extensions

We’ve designed and launched an “Addons & Upgrades” market. Any user with a map is able to choose and buy any of these extensions and improve their maps with many useful features. Check it out!

Map feed – map activities centralised

We’ve been thinking about and working on this function for a long time and this is something which makes our maps unique. A “news feed” is something that differentiates us from other map platforms. This feed can be found on the site of each map. This provides users with news about latest activities on the map plus allows users to leave comments, like posts, add pictures and more. Map owners can pin messages and important announcements on the top of the map, which can be very useful.
See map feed of Mapko community

Improved onboarding process

We noticed that a lot of our users have issues with creating and updating their maps. That’s why we tried to make the process as simple as possible and explain better the system of “categories” and “attributes”. We also created some default categories to make it easier for the user to start. We realize that creating a good map requires a lot of thinking and energy investment and we want our users to enjoy this process and make it simple. We are constantly working towards this goal.
How Attributes and Categories Work

My Mapotic

Another very important feature called “My Mapotic” was launched in the autumn. My Mapotic is designed as a place where you can find important news from maps you have followed, your favourite places, places you’ve added and other useful information.

Following places in the map

We’ve improved how place details are displayed and you and your users can now add places to a “Favourite places” list which is then displayed in “My Mapotic”. This feature partially covers some “itinerary requests” we’ve been getting mainly from travel related maps.


Our new system of email notifications keeps users informed about activities happening on their maps or on content they’ve contributed to.

Import and export improvements

Simplifying the path of creating maps by importing data is a constant process. Now, large datasets can be easily imported and maps with thousands of locations can be created in a very short time. Same goes with exporting data which works via our Open data functionality and offers up-to-date data feed in JSON format.

Routes introduced

We’ve implemented a first version of routes. It isn’t possible to create them directly through the map administration yet, but routes can be imported from Google maps. Here is a short video on how to prepare routes for import.

Link to video

Improved Embedding

Users that are using the embedding function for their website or application can now upgrade to “Embed Pro” that shows all the map content directly in the embedded map. A real life example can be found here.

White labeled projects

White label is a solution where you can run your map project on your own domain under your company brand. It includes branded emailing and notifications when people sign up or follow the map.

Mobile applications

A new version of the mobile app was introduced and it has integrated map newsfeed and other improvements. It was re-built from scratch on React Native technology and can be deployed for any map project in a very short time. For more information please visit this website dedicated to our mapping mobile apps.

We’ve also introduced a Pricing page and About us where you can read a little more about our mission and who is behind it. In 2019 we will be working on more exciting features and improvements. To learn more, sign up to our newsletter, follow us on our social channels, or click on link below and experience it yourself.
We would love to hear any feedback or requirements from you 🙂

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