First new year’s update. Changelog 2.3.0

✨ Features

  • Place list (available in hamburger menu)
  • Tooltips on dashboard
  • Shortening digits on dashboard to 1.2K
  • Custom loading splash screen for PRO maps
  • New FE deployment
  • The search engine on dashboard takes into account the keywords

? Fine tuning

  • Click on the map owner avatar – login prompt
  • Search feedback when nothing is found
  • Genera language translations Čeština, Francais, English
  • Clustering breakpoints – performance optimalization
  • Fixed forms for the new version of Chrome
  • Loading feedback on mobile view
  • Optimalization of searching in Google places

? Bugs

  • Stacking layers
  • Filtering on map and “back”
  • Wrong language sett on marketing page when switching to app
  • Tooltip on the “send message to followers” button (PRO feature)
  • Copy GPS on Safari mobile
  • Conditions for displaying maps in new tab
  • 404 page
  • Fixed styles on the map dashboard

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