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Mapotic provides all premium features for free to projects fighting pandemia

Mapotic provides all premium features for free to projects fighting pandemia

Mapotic provides all paid features for free to project fighting with Covid-19 pandemia

In relation to the global coronavirus pandemic, we decided to release all paid extensions for free to communities and non-commercial Covid-19 projects.

Since the spread of COVID-19 to Europe and the US, we have seen a strong interest in using maps to help those in need. These are local initiatives that, through maps, help people in confined areas, conduct volunteer organizations, or national or worldwide projects that show useful information about COVID-19 to the general public.

If you are interested in implementing a map project and need to use the premium features, do not hesitate to contact us. All you need is a free map, whose address you send us and we will set up the necessary modules.

The most commonly used extensions

  • Admin PRO – extends the map features with premium features like multiple administrators, linking google analytics, communicating with your map users.
  • White label – running your own domain map, linking to social networks, adding sponsor and partner logos, and more.
  • Embed Pro – Allows you to embed a map of your project, including all key features, into your website using embed code.

More information about the regular tariffs on the pricing page.

Mobile app for your map project

Mobile application – own mobile application connected to your map project. Development and launch of the application is a matter of weeks and implementation costs have to be paid.

Within a very short time we are able to develop and launch a mobile application for iOS and Android devices for your map project. Application implementation and subsequent application updates and above-standard customer support are charged. For COVID-19 projects we offer a significantly discounted price.

Projects that already help

  • Dámerousky.cz – it helps to connect people who need masks to those who make them. The project was launched in mid-March under the auspices of Česko Digital.
  • MaskeFurDich.cz (DE) – German community project to distribute masks and help those in need.
  • MascheriAMO.it (IT) – an Italian map linking NGOs and pandemic support organizations in Italy.
  • Helpradar.uk (UK) – a project launched by a Scottish organization to promote networking of people in need.
  • Map.mask4brazil.org (BRA) – Brazilian community map showing
  • Mapa dobrovolníků – map serving to link supply and demand of voluntary assistance to people at risk of coronavirus throughout the Czech Republic.

Other projects

And many other projects on aid distribution, volunteer coordination, and local quarantine area maps at Mapotic.

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