One of the keys to the success of your new map is setting it up correctly. Mapotic offers dozens of detailed options, and the choice for the “right” setting depends primarily on the specific use of your map. In the video and article below, you will find basic settings that are important to fine-tune before you share your project with others.

1. Categories

Categories represent the types of points of interest added to the map and are used as the primary landmarks. You can find them in the bar at the bottom right of each map.

It’s a good idea to think carefully about the structure of the categories and prepare them before you publish the map and other users start adding points to your map. Design categories so that each point can fall into only one category.

As a map administrator, you can add or edit categories in the admin panel of your map under Content -> Categories.

(for the exact procedure, watch our video tutorial)

Categories panel in Mapotic

2. Attributes

Thanks to attributes, the information added to places on the map is displayed clearly and in a structured way. In addition some attribute types (specifically “Select” and “Multiple Select” attributes) create a new filter in the category bar, and users can use it to easily filter places on the map.

POI detail panel in Mapotic
Information inserted to the point of interest is displayed in an organized manner thanks to the system of attributes

Attributes can be easily added or edited in the administration panel of your map under the option Content -> Attributes.

(for our exact procedure, watch our video tutorial)

POI detail panel in Mapotic
Select and Multiple Select attributes allow users to filter through the points of interest

3. Advanced settings

The advanced settings available in the admin panel offer additional options for customizing your map. For example:

  • Is the map accessible to the public?
  • Can other users add new places to the map?
  • does every new place have to be authorized by the map administrator?
  • and more.

We have a few interesting tips for you that will allow you to get the most out of your new map.

  • Try to add as much information as possible about the new place, this will allow visitors to find their way around immediately and help them make a quick decision.
  • Details such as; phone numbers and addresses should be added using predefined attributes. This will make the map much more organised and cleaner.
  • It is extremely useful to use specific names for places of interest. Don’t call a park just the park, use the full name of the park instead. E.g. Hyde Park, Sunset Park etc.
  • If you want to prevent cluttered clustering of places, simply contact our support. We will be happy to help you 🙂
Mapotic advanced settings
Advanced settings pannel

4. Add-ons and upgrades

Additional add-ons and enhancements are available with the WhiteLabel and Admin Pro premium plans.

Mapotic premium addons panel
Available addons can be found in the Addons & Upgrades section of the map admin panel

If you have purchased the WhiteLabel package from us, you can run the map on your own domain and customize the design of your map, including colors and logos, so that the map corresponds to other channels of your brand.

As part of the Plus plan, you will get a perfect overview of your map. Take full advantage of useful features such as, but not limited to:

  • assigning additional map managers,
  • Google Analytics implementation
  • Facebook page integration,
  • adding information subpages,

As part of the Custom extension, you can also get a mobile application with your map, which we can develop to order in a very short period of time. Your users or customers are able to find it in the App Store and Google Play. Any changes you make using the web interface on the map will be immediately reflected in the map in the application. This app is a great tool for building and strengthening the brand, as well as space for potential sponsors. A friendly price minimizes your costs and our support allows you to focus fully on your project.

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