When setting up a new map, you’ll have these default settings. For some types of projects, you may want to edit them.

There are several bookmarks for managing map information in the map management to determine whether it is posted, whether it’s public or private, and more.

General map information

First, it is important to name the map correctly. Mapotic is the best on narrowly specialized maps. The more specific problem you solve, the better. It’s also more likely that the map will live longer and serve specific people.

Map Name

The name should have a maximum of 30 characters and should show at first glance what your map is for. It is not necessary to use the word “map” in the title. This name will appear in the page header, in Google search results, and for example when sharing the map on Facebook.


The Sub-title should briefly describe the purpose of the map – in some cases it may be the same as the Map Name, but it is better when it’s not the case.

The main photo of the map

The main map image is displayed on the home page, and it’ll represent the map on the map list at Mapotic.com. It’ll also appear when sharing a map via Facebook and other services. We recommend selecting a sufficiently representative photo that will illustrate the topic of your map clearly and comprehensively. The photo size is 1300x500px. If you do not have your own photo, you can choose from http://stocksnap.io/  for example or use the image search on Google Images with the “Free usage” filter.

Descriptive text

Sometimes you just have use one sentence, in the text box but it’s better to describe and explain a about the map to the user what the purpose of the map is, who manages it and what places they should add. Search engines will also respond to the text. So, we recommend taking some time to compile a description which contains any keywords that might help people find your map and that will clearly explain to visitors what your map project is and to whom and what it serves.

Centering and zooming the map

It’s important for your visitors to understand the context of the information. To do this, both the introductory text and the initial zoom are used. That is displayed key area and its center. We recommend that you experiment with the center and zoom settings for a while and try to refresh it in a new window (in Chrome CTRL+Shift+N) until you reach the optimal view.

Public or private map

Mapotic can be used for both public and private maps. Set the map as private in Settings> Advanced and then choose which of the registered users can access the map.

Embed or paste the map on your own website

If you have your own website or blog, you can add the map to it. This feature is called embedding, it’s inserting a live map into any site and works much like when you insert a Youtube video. All the functions cannot be performed in the embedded map – the map will show a preview of the thumbnail and title. Clicking on it will open a new window of the full version of the map.

To add a map to your website, select “Embed Map” in Settings, set the optimal zoom and size of the map, and then copy the generated source code. You can just paste it into your website on the page or through the content management system.

Premium features

For larger projects and for serious maps that are maybe for business use which aren’t just for fun, Mapotic offers several premium features. The first is to run a map on your domain and under your own header. You can upload your own logo, choose colors, add customized Google Analytics tracking code.

In the premium version, you can also send branded emails (notifications, user registration, etc.), see detailed statistics, and you can work with the map users in a more sophisticated way.

Map application

If you want, we can create a custom mobile app for you and place it on the App Store or Google Play, where people can download it on their mobile devices. Thanks to our established technology and tried and tested procedures, we can create this application in a very short time and it would be a more cost-efficient way than if you’ve ordered it in a classic software company.

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