New features in Mapotic innovative mapping platform

Improved interaction between users, adding multiple pictures and more new features

At Mapotic, we have spent the summer holidays working on interesting projects and development of new features that were most requested by Mapotic users. Today, we’re bringing you an overview of what new has been added to Mapotic and you can now use to improve your map.

New visibility settings of attributes and their practical use

*feature available with a premium extension AdminPro

The `visibility settings` of attributes opens new possibilities. Admin PRO subscribers will find this option when adding a new or editing an existing attribute. Read more on what you can achieve by tweaking this setting in our article about Attribute visibility settings with examples of use.

Improving the work with pictures

Interesting pictures always make a place detail more interesting. That’s why we decided to bring a breath of fresh air into this feature – we’ve updated the uploading popup window so you can add multiple pictures, add/edit captions for each of the pictures and set the main image and select its crop easily. All organized in one place.

Dialog pro nahrání obrázků v mapové platformě Mapotic
The new module allows Mapotic users to upload multiple pictures to the points of interest and bulk adding/editing captions for these pictures.

Let your users focus on your map

* feature available as part of a premium extension WhiteLabel

This feature available with the premium WhiteLabel add-on allows you to change the way your map is displayed on the homepage. If enabled, the information sidebar on the left side is collapsed when the map is loaded, so it doesn’t distract user’s attention and motivates him/her to browse the map full of interesting places first. The sidebar expands once the user clicks one of the places, or after clicking on the “Show details” tab in the left top corner of the screen.

Subscribers of the premium add-on White Label will find this option in the admin panel of their map in the settings of this extension.

Custom interactive map full screen
To see this feature live, visit the #MoveTheDate map

Additional checkbox for custom rules agreement

* feature available as part of a paid extension WhiteLabel

Another feature that has been requested by multiple map admins brings the possibility to add an additional mandatory checkbox to the registration form. The text displayed next to the checkbox is fully editable by the map admin and it’s possible to insert both internal & external links. This gives you the option to, for example, make all new users agree with your community rules in order to register.

Mapa na vlastní doméně vlastní podmínky používání
This feature is used for example by the #MoveTheDate map whose admins make the map users agree with their Community Policy before registering
If enabled, users will find this checkbox in the registration window and they won’t get to the next step unless they agree with the inserted terms.

Pro tip
You can create a Static page with the Admin Pro premium addon enabled. You can make one with your community rules and just link to this static page in your custom registration checkbox.

Statická stránka s vlastními podmínkami na mapové platformě
Community Policy and Guidelines of the Earth Overshoot Day on a Static Page created with the Admin PRO addon.

Contact button

* feature available with the premium AdminPro add-on

Map admins can now place a contact button right into place detail to provide a much more convenient way for the users to contact each other (eg. asking some details about certain place.  In order to contact the founder of a place on the map, user have to log in to the map using their email address or alternatively they can use a quick login using their Facebook or Google account. 

After the message is sent, the recipient will receive an e-mail with the Subject & Body of the message and the contact e-mail that he can reply to.

Are the features you missed on Mapotic among the features listed? Let us know via e-mail or Facebook!

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