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Are you looking for a reliable solution to display map data on your website or blog? Mapotic offers an elegant and easy solution! Visual content like maps can enhance your website’s user experience. The embed feature of your custom map created at Mapotic.com allows you to display your interactive map on your website or blog. The embedding process we offer is quick and easy.

Why Mapotic?

Our maps and embeds are customizable to your preferences. You are able to manage your points of interest using an easy-to-use cloud content management system. The way places on the map are portrayed can be altered using an advanced system of customizable categories and attributes offered in each map created at Mapotic.com allowing you to make your map even easier to navigate for your users. Make sure to check out our video on that topic as well!

Mapotic has more features that can help you succesfully set up your new map.

  • Easy-to-use content management system
  • Option to easily embed your map on your blog or website
  • Customizable Categories and Attributes
  • Bulk import of data points
  • High customizability & more options available with Premium add-ons

How to embed your map

The embedding process we offer is extremely straight forward. As soon you have created your map, all you have to do is to go over to the Settings -> Embed map option in your map’s admin panel on the left hand side of your screen and copy the embed code.. Once you have successfully done this, all that is left for you to do is to paste the code into your website or blog.

The width and height preferences of your embed can be altered before copying the code but it can also be done at any time in the process.

embed map settings example
Where to find the embed map settings? Settings > Embed map.

Basic vs. Embed Pro

Mapotic offers two versions of the map embed. For both, no coding is required. These embeds are truly ‘plug and play’.

Basic embed version

The basic embed version will allow visitors to skim through the map but they will be redirected to your map at Mapotic.com as soon as they click one of the points of interest in your embedded map.

The categories and attributes feature remains equal to the one found on the Mapotic website. Visitors are able to search through the map with specific categories or filters applied.

An example of the basic Mapotic embedded map

Embed PRO

The process of setting up Embed PRO is identical to that of the basic version. However this time, all features that you know from your map on our website are available in the embed environment on your website. The addition of the sidebar in embed is useful since it is able to provide the visitor with the requested information. This means that the visitor of your website is never redirected outside of your website in order to find some details. In addition to the sidebar, your visitors are able to choose from various map layers with the Embed PRO version.

An example of the full embedded version of a map created at Mapotic.com (available with the Admin PRO addon)

WordPress Plugin

Mapotic also provides a WordPress plugin that allows you to implement the embeds across your website with tremendous ease using a shortcode.

WordPress addon

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