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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a firm grip on the world and had all of us wondering when this situation would come to an end. With the arrival of the vaccines there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. We decided to look back at some of the most popular maps that have been created to support the fight against this pandemic. 

1. Dámeroušky

The largest project was initiated by a group of IT volunteers at Česko.Digital, their Dame Rousky project reached over a million people in a few weeks and mediated an estimate of 270,000 face masks. Mapotic made sure that this custom project was able to launch rather quickly. This was obviously necessary due to the nature of the problem that arose.

This particular project has a number of useful (custom) functions, such as: quick registration of users, their mutual interaction, the ability to define your own POI (Points of Interest), the ability to edit the current status of supply and demand, the ability to send personal messages, and more.

Soon after the launch, new points of interest began to appear on the map, where in addition to manufacturers and recipients of protective equipment, other important contacts could be found: collection and distribution centers, sewing machine repairmen, 3D printers and many other aid providers. New POI’s began to appear soon after the launch. In addition to manufacturers and recipients of protective equipment, there were collection and distribution centers, sewing machine repairmen, 3D printers and other aid providers added to the map. 

Preview of the Dámeroušky map

2. #Helpyourhood

A true community map! #Helpyourhood mapped numerous bars and restaurants that are currently still providing their services amids the lockdown measures. The map is tied to a likewise named Facebook group with almost 5 thousand followers. Their goal as a support group is to offer advice and verified information regarding the current situation is the Czech Republic. The map owners created multiple categories that allows users to filter the map to find what they’re looking for. 

Covid Food Map Example
Preview of the #helpyourhood map

3. COVID-19 test sites in the Czech Republic

Another very useful map that was created during this pandemic covers tons of test sites in the Czech Republic. Their map was continuously updated to provide the accurate status of each these test sites. 

Preview of the COVID-19 test sites map

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