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Connecting Communities Around the World

Connecting Communities Around the World

Dear Mapotic users,
Mapotic idea has started in 2016 as a map tool to enable communities and people with similar interests to map useful places smartly. Initially, we created a series of map projects to demonstrate the scope and potential impact that Mapotic could have on the world. Some of the early maps were covered by media and TV shows (Blesk, Prima Cool), while others entertained hundreds of enthusiasts (Kde jsme potkali sv. Jana Nepomuckého), and some resulted in our servers being down by overloading (iDnes, KamNaJahody). These sometimes daring, other times funny map projects inspired others to start creating their own maps. Some had a clear purpose, diligently created by map owners, showcasing the best of what Mapotic had to offer: WC kompas, Komunitní zahrady, Adam Ondra, Zikmund a Hanzelka, Inspirativní školy. However, a large number of maps which started as an experiment were abandoned soon after their creation. Our experience based from discussions with early map adopters suggested that creating unique maps had great potential, with many people finding them beneficial, although users didn’t always know how to fully utilize their map. We kept in touch with users and asked for feedback about their experiences using Mapotic. As a result, a long list of suggestions and wishes was created. In 2017, thanks to our fans and followers, we were placed among three best projects in the Vodafone Idea of the Year competition and with it, a new opportunity to meet your wishes. Startup investors and incubators began to approach us. Mapotic had a chance to fulfill most of our users wishes. We had a new ambition. Mapotic was going to go global.
This blog will chart the next stage of our evolution with a newly defined mission, there will be a brand new website design and exciting map features. And new map freaks from all over the world. To our existing users, we thank you and hope that you’ll be pleased with the new version of Mapotic.
We look forward to learning about what new places you’ll discover and who’ll you share it with, as together you build a community that makes life more exciting and world a more connected place.
Ivoš Gajdorus & Radek Pilmaier, Mapotic founders

Why We Do Mapotic?

Have you ever thought about why you do what you do?

At Mapotic, we’ve been motivated by Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” methodology, which got us into a very interesting and thorough discussion about what we wanted to achieve. The quest and thinking behind our journey searching for the deeper “Why” was a very enlightening process and one we recommend to any organization or team.

Simon Sinek’s attitude isn’t about defining a product or an approach (i.e. “What” or “How”) but rather uncovering the genuine inner motivation that’ll help you and the whole team get up in the morning. One proposition while looking for a vision encourages to ask “Why” over and over again and come up with a general statement such as “For the Better World”. And then step back to find the right, broad, not limiting vision why invest your precious lifetime into something at all.

We believe that knowledge, mutual enrichment and power of community are pivotal for successful evolution of humankind.

That’s our driving force and vision and we hope it’ll captivate your heart too.

When expressing our vision, and combining it with our hunger to bring Mapotic to the world, we realized that the first Mapotic version had to be updated to fit with actual needs. The main heroes who can fulfill our vision are not only individuals, but also communities and organizations who are striving to change the world. These might be from different areas, such as environment, education, social innovations or socially responsible businesses. So, to provide more support to the development of community maps and projects, we decided to start undergoing a complex transformation.

We’ll be introducing the most important changes one by one before the actual launch to ensure smooth transition for our users.

More Maps and Communities from All Over the World

Our focus on the global market will bring a wide range of users and maps from all corners of the planet: in other words, new worlds will open up that will empower people in their discovery of fascinating communities. We’ll communicate with you mainly through our website, our blog and social media channels – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

New Homepage

We have been working to update the homepage of the project. You can look forward to useful articles, features and an updated design – everything will be implemented step by step.

Here’s a little teaser where you can see the new homepage and the improved search bar. You’ll be able to filter the content on Mapotic according to places, maps, interests or communities.

The new homepage will now display updates using a dynamic map feed which can be a source of inspiration for new discoveries.
As you can see, all sorts of filters can be applied, according to your needs and location.

Contributors Role

Besides map owners and admins, contributors play an important role in the development of projects and communities. They can add new places, pictures, videos and ratings. They are the key players from the map owners and users perspectives because their involvement increases the value of each map for its operator, as well as for other users. This new version of Mapotic is geared towards recognizing the valuable contributions each member makes on maps and specific points of interest, displaying to users all of their work on the map, as well as what is possible.
Here’s one of the key updates to follow users activity.

My Mapotic

Once logged in, new users will be forwarded to a screen displaying a personalized map feed from all content, relevant maps and user activities. Contributors will be able see all of their activities in their places or maps where they have made contributions. Map admins will learn about recent
activities concerning their projects, and users will see content of their interests or other content that might inspire them to discover new map worlds based on similar criteria.

Map Creation

After a year’s experience and more than a thousand maps which have been created on Mapotic, we have learned that the older map creation process wasn’t as simple as it should be. One of the biggest Mapotic assets – attributes and categories – are the trickiest for some users to navigate. In the new version, we’ve made the map creation process much easier.

Administration and Marketplace

The administration interface – where map owners manage their maps – will also change step by step. We have simplified the controls and made them more intuitive and user friendly.
One of the essential updates in the administration interface will be the Marketplace section. Thanks to Marketplace, map owners will be able to enhance their projects to add new features and enhancements to maps one after the other.
Mapotic remains free and you’ll always be able to control your maps without add-ons as you could before.
Here’s an example of what the Marketplace will offer:

Many more changes and features are in the pipeline. We’ll be informing you of the most significant ones as they get rolled out.
Thank you for being with us and we wish you good luck with mapping and discovering new or already existing worlds!

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