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The trend of the tourism industry is digitalization and experiences. Interest in local products is growing. Up to three-quarters of the expenses are spent on attractions, services, and activities in the area. Mapotic and its features allow landlords to be part of this new growing economy and thanks to the authentic local guide attract new guests, extend their stay and receive better reviews. According to interviews and research among hotel managers and accommodation providers (AirBnb), we’ve created a package of features that exactly match the needs of these subjects. To easily create an interactive local guide and offer this to the guests before their reservation and during their stay.

Many hotels have recommendations for trips on their website. With Mapotic, it is now possible to move this information to the next level and create an interactive map that guests can easily access through their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The digital guide can be opened with a single click via a QR code located at the reception, room or other visible location.

This will also replace all the printed materials, which are not so handy as it is hard to keep them up-to-date. With this map, everything is in one place and up to date.
In addition to ordinary pins or lists with tips, it is possible to have rich content on the map. Categorize and add content, photos, videos and more.

Thanks to filters and categories specifically available on the map, for example, view-only an afternoon program for families with children for cold weather or a visit to farmers, including contacts on the farmer. This clever guide can be embedded in your personal page or application.

For accommodation providers or larger hotels who want to offer something special, it is possible to create a mobile application under their own brand.
For accommodation providers or larger hotels who want to offer something special, it is possible to create a mobile application under their own brand.

Guests most appreciate authentic experiences and local services

If the landlord wants to offer more than competitors or to provide guests with something other than what they will find on a regular service, he should focus on his knowledge of the region and what he would actually recommend personally.

How about a visit to the neighbor’s microbrewery or a shop of the neighbor Maruška, who also offers the production of his own mug. Karel from the farm offers horseback rides? Great, another tip! In this way, we could continue with options that ultimately bring the guest closer to the surroundings, but also to the locals.

It is possible to create new partnerships in the region, recommend specific entrepreneurs and get recommendations for you or get paid directly for it.

In some cases, it is advisable to use the possibility of creating routes and focus on knowledge site. For example, give a tip for a morning bike ride, an afternoon sightseeing of architectural attractions, and welcome tired guests in the evening to offer them additional services in the form of a massage or a special menu. Or offer the services of entrepreneurs in the region to create a link between local services, mutual referrals or affiliate partnerships using QR codes, discounts on services recommended among eachother, etc.

Hotel Schloss Berchtold has created a map not only with interesting places but also with routes, such as bike path, etc.

Mapotic can also focus on corporate clients. An example is the opportunity to have fun in team building activities, where the map can be used to create geolocation games.

Creating a map is easy. To support simplification, Mapotic publishes regular articles on its blog to help solve specific cases and provide useful tips and tricks for the best results from the platform.

Additional information for accommodation providers is available at For more information on specific solutions or assistance, interested persons can contact Mapotic Map Specialists here.

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