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Mapotic was selected as one of startups attending the CzechMatch acceleration programme already in 2020 but due to pandemic restrictions, the program took place more than one year later, in November 2021.

Projects and maps to help Ukraine

Mapotic was selected as one of startups attending the CzechMatch acceleration programme already in 2020 but due to pandemic restrictions, the program took place more than one year later, in November 2021.

Takeaways from CzechMatch in New York

Mapotic was selected as one of startups attending the CzechMatch acceleration programme already in 2020 but due to pandemic restrictions, the program took place more than one year later, in November 2021.

Google Translate vs. DeepL comparison
Comparison of translations Google Translator and D...

In the application Kudy z nudy, Tips for the weekend, we are now using automated translations for dynamic content. We compared the two most used translation tools. Tens of thousands of descriptions of places for events to translate Since 2020, Mapotic has been powered by the Kudy z nudy – Tips for trips application, which

Stay Safe Covid Sign
Community maps helping in the COVID pandemic

Our interactive maps can serve to connect people with a common purpose in many different fields of activity. Many maps created on Mapotic also aimed at helping in the #COVID-19 pandemic. We decided to look back at some of the most popular maps that have been created to support the fight against this pandemic. Dáme

New web application for the biggest shark tracking...

Mapotic has created a new version of the largest global shark tracking platform, OCEARCH Shark Tracker. The new features save operators operation costs and allow animal routes to be displayed in the context of their environment, such as tracking shark routes in the context of ocean temperature or sea currents. How tracking the movement of

Laptop screen with interactive social map
Updated Comments & Ratings feature

Bringing people together using maps The combination of maps and social features are a huge asset of Mapotic. In fact, we sometimes like to describe it as “a combination of Facebook groups and Google maps” due to it’s crowdsourcing possibility and to the user interaction possibilities. In one of our recent updates, we have further

New features in Mapotic innovative mapping platform
Improved contact between users, reviewed image upl...

Improved interaction between users, adding multiple pictures and more new features At Mapotic, we have spent the summer holidays working on interesting projects and development of new features that were most requested by Mapotic users. Today, we’re bringing you an overview of what new has been added to Mapotic and you can now use to

Visibility Interactive Maps
Attribute visibility – another customisation...

Attribute visibility settings are available only for maps with active Plus plan / Admin PRO add-on In February 2020, we released a new hidden attribute feature. In today’s update, we have improved this feature. Now it offers 3 levels of visibility, which significantly expands the possibilities of its use. In this article, we’ll introduce you to feature improvements and provide

Swift overview of your own points on the map with ...

Swift overview of your own points on the map with the new “My places” feature In one of the recent updates, we have brought a small (but handy!) improvement for users of WhiteLabel maps (maps running on their own domain). This new feature allows users to access places that they have contributed to on the

Mapotic provides all premium features for free to ...

V souvislosti s celosvětovou pandemií koronaviru jsme se rozhodli uvolnit komunitám a nekomerčním projektům zaměřeným na boj proti Covid-19 veškerá placená rozšíření zdarma.

Introducing hidden place attributes and more featu...

We have been working on making Mapotic easier to use lately as well as to develop new features that will be useful for the users and map owners. Take a look what's new!

Improved mobile app design and features for accomm...

We've extended our offer of paid addons and redesigned the application. Here is a brief overview of what's new.

Short term service outages due to DDOS attacks

During July 2019, several distributed attacks were conducted to make the Mapotic service inaccessible. Our IT team had to take measures to eliminate downtime.

Creating and importing routes in your maps

We have a brand new function for you. How to easily create routes in your map? Read on!

The largest map of summer Swimplaces is joining Ma...

Community map Swimplaces is joining the Mapotic family. The largest database of natural swimming in the Czech Republic will have new features and will be part of mapping platform Mapotic.

User profile, winter layer and more!

Are you wondering what were we working on in April and May? Here is a brief list of the most important new features that you can try on your map.

News and updates – March 2019

Main new features on our website implemented during March 2019. From updating the AdminPro addon to better search function on the map.

Map with a pin
News and Updates: 18th of February

Check out new features on web and mobile app!

News and Updates 2018 Overview

In 2018 we were working hard to improve our platform and added plenty of new features. The main focus was on social functions that will help your mapping projects engage more people and make it more interactive.

Connecting Communities Around the World

New Mapotic era begins. With a newly defined mission we're bringing you a brand new website design and exciting map features. And new map freaks from all over the world.

Mapotic & Privacy

The security and privacy of Mapotic users are and will always be our top priorities. In the context of the new regulation concerning the personal data protection, GDPR, we have updated the terms and conditions, conditions of personal data protection and we have also made few minor adjustments in the application itself. In this article

News and Updates 24th of May

GDPR and other stuff – Changelog 2.13.0

News & Updates: 26th of April

Transfer from Google my maps enabled – Changelog 2.11.0

News & Updates: 5th of April

Search by GPS and other news. Changelog 2.9.0

News & Updates: 15th of March

Dajngo 2.0 and other updates. Changelog 2.8.0

News & Updates: 1st of March

Main images and batch of other improvements and fixes in Mapotic 2.7.0 Change log 1.3.2018

News & Updates: 15th of February

February small big release Changelog 2.6.0

News & Updates: 8th of February

First February release with new possibilities of PRO version and finalization of possibility disabling user interactions. Changelog 2.5.0

News & Updates: 25th of January

January batch of updates. Changelog 25. 1 .2018. ✨  Features Added checkbox in the map settings to disable sharebutton on homepage Autologin after password reset New attribute – phone number List o places automatic trigger Added map attribution Fine tuning New Leaflet Upgrade of context menu (righ click) Added double tap zoom on Android Added placeholder

News & Updates: 11th of January

First new year’s update. Changelog 2.3.0 ✨ Features Place list (available in hamburger menu) Tooltips on dashboard Shortening digits on dashboard to 1.2K Custom loading splash screen for PRO maps New FE deployment The search engine on dashboard takes into account the keywords Fine tuning Click on the map owner avatar – login prompt Search feedback when nothing


Work with maps like never before. Build your structure, visualise data and let people interact. Use maps to get you mission fullfiled.


European structural and investment funds Operation programme Prague – Growth Pole Czech Republic.

In 2020, the company Mapotic, s.r.o received support from the European Structural and Investment Funds, implemented through the Operational Program Prague – Growth Pole of the Czech Republic and drawn through II. call of specialized vouchers (reg. no. CZ.07.1.02 / 0.0 / 0.0. / 16_027 / 0000607). The support was aimed at the participation of the Mapotic s.r.o. at the Prague implementation site in order to increase the competitiveness. The expected output is innovation and launch of other services and products of the company.

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