The possibilities for using the online maps are endless as there so many  of things that you can map.

Some maps are just for fun, others address community needs, and others can save lives. Some map projects are adding new users, others are closed for a few people or can be  private for individual mapping purposes. If you’ve decided to put energy into creating your own map, that’s great, and we’re here to help you with your map project.

Research, research, research

Information on the subject itself as well as the possibilities of its processing on the map can really help As a basis, we recommend spending some time googling and searching for information around the topic. Especially if the map going to be public and you want it to serve a wider group of users, it’s important to have the facts right. So, pick the keywords that characterize your project and try to find a combination with the word “map” or online map. And it doesn’t have to be just maps, but projects that cover the whole issue, for example in the form of discussion groups or Facebook groups. This will be an  advantage for you, because you can join these groups and work together on a map project or use them for promotion in the future.

Even if you find an existing map, you can still create your own.  There may also be maps with a similar topic within Mapotic itself. However, each may be shown  differently, have different goals, or target different groups and look at things from different angle. You can even use the  existing project as a form of inspiration, to help you create a more deverse and indepth map.

Specifically, or in general?

In short, the more specific the map, the more suitable Mapotic is. There are huge map projects of established companies where “maps of everything” are created. For instanace the largest open source map project “Open Street Maps”. Replacing or recreating something like this does not make sense. But if you want to establish a map of the occurrence of dragonflies and categorize them according to the length of the wings, Mapotic is much more suitable for you. In addition to the categories, you can create your own structure of recorded information (attributes) and choose whether to invite all or just invite a small community of people interested in dragonflies.

For yourself or for everyone?

You can set up a map for yourself or for a group of defined people (to gain access to the map you only need to be registered on Mapotic and add relevant emails in settings. ). Mapotic’s main strength is in community maps and crowdsourcing. That is, the broad community of people contributing with their content who want to add new places. Together, this creates a value that an individual could not  create alone. Of course you have the choice where you can create a map that everyone can view but cannot contribute to – just select whether you allow adding places, comments, etc. You can set the map so that users can add a place, but you as a map manager must approve it.

Locally or globally?

If you decide to map something has a global interest. Or if you want to share with multilingual users in the future, it is important to consider mapping in English (or any other language). On the other hand, starting with English written map project in Czech Republic, map which you will share among Czech-speaking users, may not be the smartest choice. Consider the real possibilities of communicating and promoting the map. Mapotic doesn’t supporting the multilingualism of one map yet, and due to its great complexity, we do not know any project in the world that could do it. So just take that into consideration when creating your global or multilingual map, so you don’t have to make big changes at a later date.

Free versus premium

At Mapotic you can have your own map with many useful features completely free. However, if your project has marketing ambitions, you need to work in a team or want to use premium features, consider the premium version with full support, consultations and many useful features. One of the main features is multi-user map management, detailed statistics, map operation on your own domain, uploading custom logos and color settings, marketing tools for working with users etc. If you are interested, click on the Pricing page.

If you have an interesting idea and you are not sure about it or if you’ve any questions, we will be more than happy to hear from you.

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