It all started with map projects for fun

We have always enjoyed maps. In the beginning we created them just for fun. We played with map applications and started to realize what the possibilities were.

We realized that maps can support, connect and let people communicate anywhere in the World.

Everything accelerated when

Mapotic started winning prizes and we started community maps

Our unique map applications started winning prizes, and we figured it was time to jump in. So we started Mapotic from COEX, which is an application software house.

Our dream of a mapping platform that enables meaningful networking projects became reality. A platform that gives people a less complicated tool than GIS and with many more options over Google Maps. 

Community maps help local communities and nonprofits meet their goals, engage new members, share knowledge and, as a result, make the world a better, greener and a more accessible interconnected place.

We believe in maps as a great means of communication, with its ability to connect people and visualize information for better decision making.
Věříme v mapy jako skvělý prostředek komunikace, spojování lidí a vizualizace informací pro lepší rozhodování.






And soon we also got into map data visualizations, tracking and other customized solutions

Mapotic grew up. We found that many people and organizations wanted to use the platform not only to connect people, but also as a way to present their interests or their business:

  • communication with end users
  • business data visualization
  • tracking objects
  • outputs from IoT sensors

We focused on other map projects because the maps are easy to understand, visual and have the special ability to draw your attention.

The world is changing and the dynamic data on a map helps to better understand it

The world is full of information. Humanity and sensors are generating large amounts of new data every day thanks to the emerging IoT. We are interested in all information that has a geolocation context and changes over time.

That is why we have introduced a number of functions in Mapotic that enable connection with external systems and displaying real-time data on the map. See the fields we are expanding our platform to:

  • Telemetry – remote measurement of values ​​and imaging with other metainformation in geolocation context.
  • Low power tracking – a new generation of low-energy devices and networks. In addition to tracking motion, this includes statistics and analysis, or “location & tracking intelligence”.
  • Interconnecting automated information and human interactions – Mapotic maps with sensoric data visualisation allows people to engage with each other and share their inputs

Work with maps like never before. Build your structure, visualise data and let people interact. Use maps to get you mission fullfiled.


European structural and investment funds Operation programme Prague – Growth Pole Czech Republic.

In 2020, the company Mapotic, s.r.o received support from the European Structural and Investment Funds, implemented through the Operational Program Prague – Growth Pole of the Czech Republic and drawn through II. call of specialized vouchers (reg. no. CZ.07.1.02 / 0.0 / 0.0. / 16_027 / 0000607). The support was aimed at the participation of the Mapotic s.r.o. at the Prague implementation site in order to increase the competitiveness. The expected output is innovation and launch of other services and products of the company.

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